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In 1923 boilers Act was promulgated in the undivided India. To enacted of the Act, a
Boiler Directorate  was  established  in Kolkata in 1924.  After  partition in 1947  that
department transferred to East Pakistan and worked as boiler Directorate. At the time
of administrative reformation in 1961 the department became an attached office under
the Ministry of Industriesand commerce. Till   to date this office has been working as an
attached office of the Ministry of Industries.

Work Distribution:

All activities of the office of the Chief Inspector of Boilers runs according to Boilers Act,
Rules and Regulations. Chief Inspectorof Boilers in the head of the office deputy chief
Inspector of Boilers and Inspector of  Boilers  are  direct   sub-ordinate  to  the  Chief
Inspector of Boilers.Inspectors of Boilers are the field level officers assigned for specific
areas. Inspector of Boilers submit report to Chief Inspectorof Boilers after proper inspe-
ction of boilers and Chief Inspector of Boilers takes necessary step to issue different
certificate of boilers. Description of the manpower of this office as follows:


Man Power
Category                                                                            Number

Chief Inspector of Boilers                                                      1

Deputy Chief Inspector of Boilers                                         3

Inspector of Boilers                                                              6

Class-III Employees                                                               9
Class-IV Employees                                                               11

Total 30

Objective/functions of the Office

The broad functions in conformity with the provisions of the Boilers Act, Rules and
Regulations are as under:

a. Advising the Ministry regarding import and use of boilers, steam pipes and
Economizers in the country.

b. Advising the owners regarding design, construction, maintenance and working
of boilers.

c. Advising the owners regarding water treatment of feed water and cleaning of

d. Determination of safe working pressure for an old boiler after taking measurement
and necessary calculations.

e. Examination of design, drawings and specifications of boilers to be imported from
abroad or manufactured within the country.

f. Registration of all installed boilers after inspection and hydraulic test, proceeded by
examination of all manufacturing certificates from steel makers, constructors and
approval inspecting authority

g. Inspection/Hydraulic testing of every working boiler annually and provide certifications
there if found fit.

h. Recommend repairs, additions and alternations wherever found unfit to make the
boilers workable.

i. Steam test after registration when the boiler goes into operation

j. Enquire into accidents of boilers or steam pipes

k. Conducting functions of the Bangladesh Boiler Board a high powered technical
body for laying down the up-to-date technical standards on design, testing and
inspection of Boilers.

l. Conducting function of the Board of examiners for certification of Boiler Attendant
according to Boiler Attendant rules.



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